We have posted Haku Michigami's interview "Ningen Hakken" which was printed on the Nihon Keizai Shinbun for five days from Monday July 22 to 26 of 2002.
Haku Michigami's career as a judoist.
From the French Judo Yudansha Federation's paper (1990).
The last SAMURAI of Bordeaux
Loving Japanese Judo as a martial arts, Haku Michigami spends half his life overseas.
Haku Michigami's Note
Haku Michigami's "Bombshell Announcement Towards Kohdohkan Judo" as written in Bungei Shunju.
Serial Plan
"The Man who Raised Geesink Conde Koma of Busen Judo story of Haku Michigami" and "An Action - Reaction Set up with an Automatic Movement".